-Awarded first place in 24 hour game jam at Cecil Con 2019-

Warning: Game may feel strange in browser(controls not as responsive, etc)

"You awake in a strange room, dizzy, yet aware enough to realize this room is not normal. Light is shrouded in darkness, certain objects seem to defy gravity, and there is a suspicious red button in the room, and most importantly, the only door appears to be locked.

Find a way out."

This game was created by my friend and I during a 24 hour event. We were locked in a building, and tried to create what we could based around the theme of "Peculiar Space". 

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Future plans: My current plan as of finishing the jam is to avoid working on it. It's got a nice core concept, and maybe with some polishing, it can turn into something incredible. As of now, I don't believe I'll work on it too much. 

Thanks -Ryan


Conclusion.zip 14 MB


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Pretty short with a nice mechanic, wish it was used more.

Hey glad to hear it! I had to complete it within 24 hours so that's why there's not much to it. 


Short but nice, the ending was surely special but I liked it x)

Thanks for playing! The ending is the best part, it always catches people off guard when they play it hah!