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--v0.3 is out since April 30th, 2017--

Dungeon of the Unknown was originally created for the Paint Jam of March 2017

Explore a deep mysterious dungeon, uncovering what hides in the darkness, only having a sword, shield and whatever else you can scavenge in the dungeon to defend yourself.

Features so far in development:

  • Endless Random Generated Levels
  • 2 Bosses/Elites
  • Equipment
  • Stats to upgrade of your choosing

Controls(Explained in game as well):

  • Left/right arrow keys to move; Up arrow key to jump
  • Z to use your sword(The attack switches based on whether or not you hold down while attacking)
  • X to put up your shield
  • X+Z to shield bash your foe a distance away
  • C to use your equipped item
  • Space to confirm; R to go back to the menu

This is a very early stage, nothing is really guaranteed to stay other than the main idea.

Thanks for checking this out!

PS.)The paint jam had a few challenges which I decided to take on,(Whether I'll keep them throughout development is undetermined)Since v0.2 I have moved onto something better than msPaint, due to the limitations.

-One of them was to use Comic Sans

-And another was to make all sounds with your mic(explains why sounds sound the way they do)

Install instructions

v0.3 is out!

This update has got a good bit to look forward to!

In a short summary:

-Equipment, Items & Accessories & a new sword

-A new boss along with tweaking of the old one

-also should mention a new enemy. Enemies now get harder as you go along.

-Endless Generation, so feel free to pass the 2nd boss and just upgrade to insane levels and just run and stab things in the face. You have fun with that.


DotU03.exe 2 MB
DotU03.zip 2 MB
DotU01.exe 2 MB
DotU01.zip 2 MB

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