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Sneak through multiple floors using a wide variety of movements to take down the target!

Operation Elimination is a small, yet detailed prototype where you play the role of a spy who's first mission is to infiltrate, knock out, and bring to interrogation, a criminal who lingers at the top floor of a skyscraper.

As a prototype, it's features include:

-You can climb, wall jump, ledge jump, ledge aim, all sorts of different actions to navigate. On top of this, each animation was animated with dedication, and by the end, it turned out awesome.

-A few floors to navigate.

-Controller Support, for those who don't like keyboard only games, I got your backs.

The fate of this project is unknown for the time being.

Controls (explained in-game):

A/D/S/W: Left/Right/perform down action/perform up action

Space: Interact with environment.

Shift: Sprint/toggle other actions.

Q/E: Gadgets, Grapple/Rock toss respectively.

Thanks for checking this out!


Install instructions

Download Zip, extract it, and run the .exe file.


Operation Elimination.zip 2 MB


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really good game

keep it up

Happy to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!