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I've noticed a bit of an increase in the amount of views for this game, so I should really point this out:

This game, and the newest version of it, is available completely free of charge on the Google Play Store here: 


The newest version here for Windows, is not the same version on the Play Store. Why? Well, in short I simply didn't think it felt right to be a game on windows, and would feel much better on a phone. So I had ended up updating it on the phone, and only the phone.

I hope you understand, and thanks for reading this. Have fun.


Lots of street racers are out for a desert ride, and this cop doesn't take too kindly to those people.

Speed your way through hundreds of cars while ramming how ever many you can, however you must watch out for your durability. Ramming cars at fast speeds will surely cause damage, so pick up those items to repair yourself and get back in for some more!


(Explained in game, but I'll put them here too)

up/down to accelerate/decelerate

left/right to steer

Ctrl to auto align to a 90 degree angle


All programming/sprites was done by me, Ryan, using Gamemaker Studio

All sound effects were made with bfxr.net

The background music was created by a cool person named Teknoaxe(which is his/her youtube channel)


-Updated 2/22/2017-
NV stands for "Newer Version"

I keep the old version because it doesn't hurt to look back on an earlier version.

The newer version introduces 2 big things and a good bit of balancing.

  • There is now a traffic level! Allows you pick from low,medium,or high from the title screen and this alters the spawn times for cars.
  • Highscores is the other big thing! Highscores are now saved in the files, and each traffic level has their own highscore to keep it balanced.

Now for the little/less major tweaks and such:

  • Pickups now help your combo bar, and refill it halfway. I changed this due to some complaints saying they couldn't get the combo bar up because they had to run and get the items, this tweak should help that a little bit.
  • There is a music selection option now! This allows you to choose from 2 songs, and choose to have music off entirely so you can enjoy ramming with any other music playing in the background.
  • Pickups now move towards you if you're close enough. Pickups will slowly make their way to you, but only if you're close enough. I added this because sometimes you just couldn't get them due to how fast you turn.
  • You are now rewarded when you are almost out of gas/durability and pick up an item to prevent it. This is known as the close call, instead of the normal "Gas obtained" text, you'll get "Close Call!". Close calls are worth a whopping 2000, so you might want to think twice about going after that pickup or trying to hit another car before grabbing it.
  • I've altered the smoke look so it won't look as repetitive.
  • I messed with the value that determines how far you bounce off of cars. This isn't perfect but I feel like this very slight change will help the lot of you and isn't too noticeable. There also isn't much I can do to my knowledge to improve this, so it won't be in later updates(most likely)

Speaking of updates, I'm not sure if I will do another update. I've gotten several ideas over the time of working on this and I want to see what those ideas will come out to.


Thanks for checking this game out, and have fun!

Install instructions

NV stands for newer version, so this contains more features.

The other version is there to see what I submitted for a game jam.


Roadway RamNV.zip 6 MB
Roadway RamNV.exe 6 MB
Roadway Ram.zip 4 MB
Roadway Ram.exe 4 MB


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Really nice :) And amazing music!

Thanks a lot!