A downloadable game for Windows

You play as an unnamed stickman, who doesn't know he will be targeted by several ghosts! Move him out of the way and block the ghosts path to you using blocks and avoid getting hit. There's a catch though, you can only use a limited amount of blocks at a time.

This game was made for a game jam and it took me 10 hours.

Thanks for checking this out and have a great day!


Install instructions

There are 2 versions available to you, the first one is the oldest one, while the newest version is, well, the newest version.

Newest version includes a few new things that makes the game a bit better.

  • Newest version now includes a new difficulty. There is text at the top right below the theme, that displays the difficulty. Click it and you change the difficulty.
    • Normal allows 2 blocks while hard allows 1
    • There is different high scores for each of the difficulties, so no worries about fairness and such
  • Newest version implements crouching. I thought about this when I was playing it and realized some ghosts came at weird angles where walking away was literally impossible, but maybe crouching below a well placed block will help you live to see another ghost.
  • And of course some bug fixes

Thanks for checking this out everyone!


Visions.exe(12h Jam Version) 2 MB
VisionsNV.exe(Visions Newest Version) 2 MB


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