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A town is experiencing a strange phenomenon: everyone in the small town is dreaming up awful nightmares every single night. It's the same nightmare for everyone: they find themselves inside of a strange structure, with a sword in front of them. They are haunted in this dream by enemies, and can become more powerful by acquiring items. The townspeople suspect there is something important at the peak of the labyrinth, but no one's been able to reach there alive.

You're tasked to face this Labyrinth every time you go to sleep.


  • The environment is procedurally generated, and completely destructible. You can use your weapons to break down walls, and collapse ceilings onto enemies to kill them if you want! You might even use the fallen ceiling as a way to reach the roof of the Labyrinth!

  • You can discover and utilize 20+ different items. These items can range anywhere from a simple boost to your health, to granting an extra jump midair, to causing every enemy to explode upon death, and even something as morbid as consuming the enemy's corpses to recover health.
    • The game allows you to stack previously acquired items for better effects. This applies to every single item. Take an item called the Magical Lamp for example, this item gives you an extra midair jump, but if you find 6 of these items, you can jump an additional 6 times in the air! There is no limit on this feature to ensure to the player that no treasure chest can really be "wasted".

  • There are currently 7 weapons in the game, and 4 sub-types: Swords, Sledgehammers, Spears, and Karambits. Each of these weapons have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it's entirely up to the player to decide which weapon fits best for their playstyle!

  • Enemies are currently separated into 2 categories, Normal and Elite. Elite enemies are much stronger variants of Normal enemies, and are used to threaten and test the player.  They have much higher stats, but they also have a much higher item drop rate as a reward to the player for defeating them.


Until further notice I'll update the games OST, hosted on Bandcamp here.

I still have a lot planned for this game, and I'll eventually get to them, but you can help the process by clicking on any links below. A new person in the discord, a new follower on twitter, a new supporter on ko-fi or patreon, anything. They will all help motivate me, and I'll return the favor by delivering a great game.

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Install instructions

Download the .zip file, Extract it, Run the .exe file.


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Ey glad to see you haven't died workin on your game, looking forward to the next update

Ahhah yeah no, I've spent too long on this game, just to stop working on it. It's getting finished if it's the last thing I do. Happy to see you're still following the development.


the see through labyrinth and destroy things feature is quite cool, interesting ideas!

I'm happy to hear people enjoy the transparency, I was a little worried about that. 

Thanks for playing!


This is a pretty good concept, it would be really cool if it could get somewhere!

I'm working hard at it! Thanks for playing!


Playthrough of the game with more info about it

Thanks a lot for the video! I'm glad you caught that bug with the boss on camera. It should be fixed in version 0.7.3.


The recent updates are pretty good with the buffs to the slimes making them more challenging early on, the nerf to vulture brain seems like it didn't do a lot since in my couple playthroughs I got like over 5 of them and did a lot of healing. There seems to be a bug in the phase after the eyes the boss just floats around not doing any of the attacks I saw in previous build of your game. It may of been me doing too much damage but I didnt try to do a lot of damage in a second boss run and had the same result. Other than that the games looking pretty good and I'm looking forward to seeing whats next. P.S. you should make it so the player can reach Jacob's npc


Oh hey, thanks for giving the game a try, man!
There is definitely a nerf to the vulture brain, but obviously that nerf can be nullified when you acquire enough. Hopefully the broken fang feels a little more effective if you found that.

I've never heard of that bug with the boss, that's really weird. A lot of people are finding issues with the boss recently that I've never encountered which is rather concerning. 

Glad to hear the game is looking good, much appreciated!

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Made some videos playing this, I had a lot of fun

Really awesome to see a video on this game, thanks a lot!